Tetradrachm Ancient Silver

Certification > Ngc (1/129)

  • Alexander Iii The Great Ancient 330bc Tetradrachm Silver Greek Coin Ngc I66657
  • Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Ancient Coin 440-404 Bc Certified Ngc Au
  • Kingdom Of Macedon, Alexander Iii The Great Ar (silver) Tetradrachm Ngc Au 5+3
  • Alexander The Great Iii Ar Tetradrachm Coin 336 Bc Certified Ngc Xf (ef)
  • Ancient Athens Greece Athena Owl Ar Tetradrachm Silver Coin 440-404 Bc Ngc Xf
  • Silver Coin Tetradrachm Of The Kings Of Bithynia Prusias Old Coin
  • Alexander The Great Iii Ar Tetradrachm Silver Coin 336-323 Bc Certified Ngc Au
  • Philip Ii Ar Tetradrachm Zeus Silver Celts Greek Coin 300 Bc Ngc Choice Fine
  • Seleucid Antiochus Vii Ar Tetradrachm Silver Coin 138-129 Bc Certified Ngc Au
  • Thrace Lysimachus Ar Tetradrachm Lysimachos Coin 305-281 Bc Ngc Choice Xf