Tetradrachm Ancient Silver

Greek (1/69)

  • Greek Silver Cistophoric Tetradrachm Apameia Phrygia 166-133 Bc
  • Coin Greek Sicily Tetradrachm Silver Syracuse Pedigree 1955 Hgc 2 1306
  • Athens Greek Athena Owl Tetradrachm Ancient Coin 440-404 Bc Ngc Choice Vf
  • Ancient Greek Tetradrachm Fourree Macedonia 336-323 Bc Alexander'the Great
  • Greek Paeonia Patraus Ar Tetradrachm Silver Coin 335-315 Bc Ngc Choice Xf (ef)
  • 315-294 Bc Greek Macedon King Kassander Alexander Iii The Great Ar Tetradrachm
  • 246-225 Bc Greek Seleukid Alexander Iii The Great Seleukos Ii Ar Tetradrachm
  • Premium Roman & Greek Coins For Cleaning Lot Of 100 Uncleaned And Unsorted Coins
  • Akanthos Tetradrachm 478-465 Bc Ancient Greek Silver Coin Lion Attacking Bull
  • Octopus & Cow Euboea Eretria Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm 500-465 Bc 13,93 G