Tetradrachm Ancient Silver

Alexander the Great Tetradrachm

Alexander the Great Tetradrachm

Alexander the Great Tetradrachm    Alexander the Great Tetradrachm
Tetradrachm - 310 BC, Macedonian Empire - Alexander the Great in LION SKIN. Alexander the Great as Herakles (Hercules). He is wearing a Lion Skin.

The Lion Skin is from the Nemeaen Lion killed by Hercules with his bare hands. Rev: Zeus seated, holding an Eagle in his outstretched hand , Club of Herakles"Mint Mark" in Field. Condition: Extremely fine , Excellent toning - Toning darker in hand. About Alexander the Great and Coins Minted in His Name. The Macedonian empire was founded by Alexander I but carried forward by others including Philip II (Father of Alexander the Great) and Alexander the Great.

Philip II developed the army and tactics that enabled Alexander to accomplish his victories. Alexander the Great is considered the greatest military general ever. The conquests of Alexander the Great changed the world for ever. Following Alexander's death in 323 BC his generals divided his vast empire between themselves and began to squabble over his legacy. In the period of turmoil that followed, the image of the deified Alexander played an important part, as his successors tried to cast themselves as his heir.

Various monarchs continued the production of coins in the name of Alexander in this context. When Alexander conquered territories, he looted the conquered kingdom's precious metals, gold and silver i. He, and his successors, minted coins in his name with that plunder. These coins are the plunder taken by Alexander the Great and his successor generals. The item "Alexander the Great Tetradrachm" is in sale since Wednesday, October 28, 2020.

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  1. Region of Origin: Europe
  2. Composition: Silver
  3. Provenance: Ownership History Available
  4. Era: Pre - 1700s
  5. Year: 310 BC

Alexander the Great Tetradrachm    Alexander the Great Tetradrachm