Tetradrachm Ancient Silver

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  • Amphipolis In Macedonia Ancient 167bc Silver Greek Tetradrachm Coin Ngc I66891
  • Alexander Iii The Great Ancient 324bc Silver Tetradrachm Greek Coin Ngc I66684
  • Ancient Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin (440-404 Bc) Ngc Xf
  • Alexander Iii The Great Mint State Tetradrachm Silver Greek Coin Ngc Ms I69568
  • Sammler Antik Griechische Eule Münze Tetradrachme Antique Greek Owl Coin Silver
  • Tigranes Ii 80bc Authentic Ancient Armenian Silver Greek Coin Armenia Ngc Ch Xf
  • Alexander The Great Iii Ar Tetradrachm Coin 336-323 Bc Nice Au Condition
  • Attica Athens Greek Owl Silver Tetradrachm Coin (440-404 Bc) Ngc Ch Au 5/5 4/5
  • Mende In Macedonia Rare 460bc Ancient Silver Greek Tetradrachm Coin Ngc I69560
  • Caria Alabanda 197bc Pegasus On Authentic Silver Greek Coin Certified Ngc Ch Vf