Tetradrachm Ancient Silver

Style (1/2)

  • Attic, Athens New Style Ngc Xf 5/5 4/5 Ar Tetradrachm Superb A+ 130
  • Genuine Rare Ancient Greek Coin 150bc New Style Silver Tetradrachm Athena Owl
  • Alexander Iii The Great Silver Greek Tetradrachm Ngc Xf Fine Style
  • Ngc Ch Au 4/5-3/5 Fine Style. Alexander The Great Tetradrachm Greek Silver Coin
  • Athens Ar Silver Tetradrachm Ngc Choice Ms 5/5 4/5 Fine Style
  • 2nd-1st Centuries Bc Silver Attica Athen Tetradrachm Athena Owl New Style Ngc Vf
  • Macedonia Alexander The Great 336-323 Bc Silver Tetradrachm Ngc Xf Fine Style
  • Athena, Attica New Style Tetradrachm Ngc Xf 5/3 Ancient Silver Coin Satyr
  • Ptolemy Iv & Arsinoe 219bc Ascalon Silver Greek Tetradrachm Ngc Chxf Fine Style
  • Athens New Style Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin (100 Bc) Certified Ngc Xf (ef)